Pet Memorials

On behalf of the staff at A Gentle Farewell, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed. We also welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet or animal friend on our website's Pet Memorial page. Please feel free to email a memorial and picture to




I rescued Zoe from the County Animal Shelter. She was just under two years old, a very thin but energetic Doberman/shepherd mix. I learned she had been in the shelter for over 6 months because she was found with burns on her right side and she was expecting pups. Hearing those details I thought she had also had a tough time recently much like me, and that we could create some better times together. And we did over the next eleven years.

Zoe’s passion was walking. As she grew older, I knew that when the time came that she was not walking or eating that would be a sign that the end was near. Unfortunately, it came too soon. Even at 13 years I was not ready to lose my best friend. Learning one day that she had a massive tumor was devastating, my only comfort was the fact I got to take her home from the animal hospital so that all the people that cared for her over the years could stop by and say goodbye. Also that she was able to take her last breath at home in in my arms.

Thank you, Zoe, for both making me a little tougher and helping me to heal. While there will be other rescue dogs in my life, you will always have a very special place in my heart.

​​​​Anne G.




Cody was only 8 years old when I got the news his cancer was terminal. I was devastated and texted Dr. Parker right away. Through tears I asked her to help me let Cody go when he was ready. She of course said yes, and knowing she would be with us made it easier for me to handle his diagnosis. I had had so much anxiety and worry over having to stress him out, and take him into my vets office when the time came, and knowing I didn't have to was such a relief. I wanted it to be mine and Cody's choice when it was time, not the cancer's decision. Ten months later he let me know he was ready.

It was important to me that Cody be where he was most comfortable, at home, and I also wanted my other three Golden's to be with him. They knew he was sick and I wanted them to have the chance to say goodbye. Cody was their pack leader, best friend, and big brother. Dr. Parker explained what was going to happen and gave me as much time as I needed to say goodbye. I didn't feel rushed and Cody was also very comfortable with her. It was exactly what I wanted for Cody, peaceful. I have a beautiful box holding some clippings of his fur and a treasured paw print that I look at everyday. I cannot thank Dr. Parker enough and there are no words to express my gratitude.

She is professional, supportive and caring. When I'm asked how it is that I handle his loss as well as i do, I answer, because I have no regrets on any decision I made during his ten month fight and it ended how I wanted it to. Cody happy and at home. To me that is priceless. I have Dr. Parker to thank for that.

With love,
Amy Mazanec



Saaby was my best friend, my rock, through so many life changes. She was a stray that was to be used as a blood donor at a clinic where I worked before veterinary school. She had the sweetest personality and was eager to please. As soon as I would say “sit,” her rear would be instantly on the ground and a look of pride would show on her face. Her blood donation wasn’t needed for about a month, so she boarded at the clinic and received lots of love and attention. It finally came time for her donation and then she was to be sent back to the county kennel. I couldn’t bear the thought of that, so I went down there the next day and adopted her!

She supported me through the ups and downs of veterinary school, good and bad relationships, and finding my first veterinary job. She adjusted well every time we had to move, through 7 different residences. Saaby was there when I met my best human friend and let me know that he was a keeper (she didn’t try to bite him like she did the ex). She was mostly accepting when he, his dog, and his two teenage boys moved in. It has been 5 years since she had to leave me. I still miss her elbow nudges, her kisses, and her especially her cuddles. I love all of my pets, but she was the special one. She took a piece of my heart with her, and I look forward to retrieving it when I see her someday at The Rainbow Bridge.

​​​​​​​Dr. Kim Parker

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