"My mother's cat, Finny, meant more to my mom than anyone could even imagine. Finny came into her life as a rescue very shortly after my grandmother had died. My mother went from a person who swore she would never have a cat and a litter box in her house, to a woman that would do anything, and I truly mean anything, to give Finny the best life had to offer. My mother liked to joke that she was Finny's toy, and in many ways she was. My mother is a late 70-something, arthritic woman that would get down on the floor to play with Finny whenever Finny asked (she was one of the most talkative cats I have met). My mother never let the litter box get dirty.

She would clean up after Finny almost as soon as Finny was done because Finny lived up to her name of finicky Finny and refused to use a litter box that was not clean. She also meowed and told my mother when it was time to take a nap or go to bed. I am certain that Finny knew when my mother needed to rest because she sensed by mother's atrial fibrillation acting up. I am also pretty certain my grandmother came through Finny in so many ways. Finny was my mother's companion and best friend and her loss is keenly felt. Having the ability to have someone like Dr. Parker come to the house where Finny was most comfortable was such a blessing. Dr. Parker was gentle, compassionate, patient, kind and a very caring veterinarian that I would recommend to anyone having to make such a difficult decision. It was not easy, but Dr. Parker made the transition easier for us all. Thank you so very much for everything Dr. Parker."

​​​​Lisa S.

"Dr. Parker is my angel! Reading Dr. Parker’s testimonials helped me see what I was feeling was normal, and I did so before putting my “soulpet” to sleep. It has also helped me reflect that I did the right thing. Like the one woman writes, her final day with her pet was full of favorites and lasts. It sounded like hers was as perky- as could be- as mine. It was nice to realize what a hard thing this is when your pet is “with it”. It’s not fair that the body systems have to deteriorate. I had to keep reminding myself that my husband and I had to help him up, support him so that he could walk, bathe his genital area several times daily, and coax him to eat, which was rather slow. As I told Dr. Parker when she arrived, it just didn’t seem fair he was so with it…and that I hoped I was doing the right thing. She helped me realize that sometimes pets rebound before the end, and that it was sometimes better to go happy vs. in pain. And this I had debated in my heart during his last week…she just put words to how I felt. Dr Parker’s testimonial also helped me. Spot was my cuddler, my follower, my kisser, and so much more. He knew me well and comforted me through many life events. For this reason, I sought out something alternative to what I envisioned would be a harsh passing on the hard white floor of a vet office with not much snuggling allowed.

Through a stroke of luck, I was reading about euthanizing decisions, and in one saw that in- home-euthanizing was an option. I had never heard of this before. I found Dr. Parker through a google search. She called me back right away, explained the process to me, and we set a date. Over the weekend, Spot seemed to decline and my vet was not available for advice. I called Dr. Parker and explained the situation to her, and she completely helped me. Because of this, my dog rebounded over the next couple days. She did not have to help me, but she did so freely.

I did not know what to expect of the process or of a doctor I had not met before. If you are considering this, look around Dr. Parker’s website. What you see is spot on. She conveyed in person what you read on the site. Dr. Parker let Spot go in the place I chose outdoors without hesitation. She explained step by step what she was going to do, and also did so right before she did each step. Therefore I knew what was going to happen as I was still able to continue to snuggle Spot. The most important thing was that I was able to snuggle him and whisper to him the entire time as I desired, and I never felt self-conscious or uncomfortable. Dr. Parker stood back, and she waited for me to say I was ready for the next step. Even to the end, she just gave me as much time as I needed, waiting for me to tell her I was ready without appearing to wait or ask. She is an angel, she has the most difficult job I can think of, and she is a blessing. Though incredibly sad, Spot’s passing was beautiful, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more peaceful. Thank you Dr. Parker!!!!"

Michelle B.

"I always pray that I will be home when the day comes that my beloved pet leaves this earth. Getting the news that your dog is ill and will likely need to put down is tough to hear regardless of the pet’s age. Zoe was 13 so while I was mentally preparing, the shock of the news that she had massive tumors and would only last a few days is still upsetting to me. The trauma of going to the vet was even worse with Zoe because she had fear aggression towards other dogs. Hearing about Dr. Parker’s in home services was a huge blessing to me. Not only could I take her home for her remaining time and visit with those that cared for her, but she could go to sleep on her own bed and in my arms. Thank you, Dr. Parker, for recognizing a need and providing such a great benefit to pet owners, and for being so compassionate and caring to both pets and their grieving loved ones."

Anne G.

"Dear Dr. Kim,

Thank you for the kind note and especially for your service in our time of need. I can't tell you how comforting it was for us to allow Biscuit to have a peaceful passing at home. We have had 4 other beloved pets pass, and all of these past experiences were very traumatic endings. Biscuit's passing was so serene and peaceful and we were incredibly grateful to have the option to give her this final gift

Biscuit had an almost perfect last day. The sun was shining. She ate her favorite meal for lunch (without the yucky pancreatic enzymes). She was comforted, petted and held in everyone's arms. She was carried for a walk in the back yard one last time, with the sun shining on her, and given a last look at the field where over the years, she dug dozens of furious Jack Russell mouse-hunting holes. And then, spent the rest of the morning walking her last steps in the kitchen and living room, with her tough-as-nails JR attitude carrying her broken body.

By the time you came, she had already settled down for her afternoon nap as the sun filtered in through the windows. You were so kind, thoughtful and patient with us throughout the entire process. (Even when we wavered) Thank you for that!!!! (You get the Dr. Bob A+ mark). It truly was a gentle farewell. She was sleeping when you came, and sleeping when you left.

​​​​​​​I can't say enough about how much this meant for us to have Biscuit pass at home. Your service is much needed by companion animals and their humans. Thanks again for your kindness and for your service."

Mary S. ​​​​​

I was recently referred to Dr. Parker by my vet as we had reached a point with my dog Jack that we knew it was “time”. Jack would not have fared well had we had to take him to the vet’s office (his least favorite place ever). Our beloved dog Jack was suffering and we needed help. Dr. Parker was extremely accommodating with the need to schedule quickly and was very understanding when we had to change the time several times due to a flight delay for my daughter. Dr. Parker was so caring and understanding. She prepared us by describing the procedure then gave us all the time we needed to say goodbye one last time. I had never met Dr. Parker prior to this but she made our family feel like she knew Jack and was truly there to help us all through this most difficult time. I would strongly recommend Dr. Parker should you need to make this difficult decision on behalf of your pet. She is the ultimate professional.

Kate B. ​​​

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